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Meeting and Events Operations Manager

Will Grashoff 19/03/2021
Location: Burton upon Trent Not Disclosed Burton upon Trent DE13 8QS
Salary: £26,000 - £28,000 £
Type: Permanent
Seniority: Mid/Senior Level
Specialisms: Event Management, Wedding Planning
Date: 19/03/2021
Meeting and Events Operations Manager

Detail is everything.

Your eye for the thorough planning before the big wedding day, or the simple extra touches for a small meeting of 5 in a boardroom. Whatever the occasion, you know how to make it smooth and pain-free.

People don’t want to worry about when the drinks are coming out or if there are enough seats, so you’re going to have everything pre-empted before it becomes a question. You’ll recognise potential problems and you’ll be a quick fixer, finding the easiest (but the best) way around issues that may pop up.

Since you’ll be managing, you’ll need to have been doing this for a while. Whether it’s Weddings, C&B or M&E, all events experience will be valuable and will come in handy. Yes, you’ll be delegating jobs between the team but you’re going to need to be hands-on, too. People work their best for people they respect and earning respect is easy – you just need to be a real part of the team for that.

It’s not as simple as making things go smoothly, though. What goes on behind the scenes to look that easy is quite the opposite. Organising rotas to ensure you’ve got enough people to oversee everything, keep everyone up to date with their training and involvement as well as keeping yourself on top of the latest trends and your competitors.

There is going to be a heavy focus on weddings for the rest of the year, with 40 booked in already. So having experience running and organising weddings is an absolute pre-requisite.

You’ll be joining a company that places a huge emphasis on having a family feel - they want to be a champion of your wellbeing. How can we expect you to give your all if we don’t give ours?

You’ll get £26,000 - £28,000 plus your usual holiday and pension. Free meals on shift, a complimentary spa day, free use of the leisure facilities, and a discount on group stays and F&B.

If you are interested or want to know more, call me, send me a message, DM, carrier pigeon – whatever is easiest. We encourage anyone who feels they are suitable to apply, we love seeing diversity in our applicants. We use specialist technology to ensure there is no gender bias in our adverts.

Every applicant will receive a response. We sometimes make mistakes and miss things from CVs, so you will be given an opportunity to receive feedback and discuss the role in more detail if you feel necessary.

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