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AWS Engineer

Ref #: VE2146
Vicky Eales 27/09/2021
Location: Remote Not Disclosed Remote
Salary: £500 - £650 Per day £
Type: Contract
Date: 27/09/2021
AWS Engineer

6-month initial contract – AWS Engineer / Remote / Inside IR35

Dedicated resource to one of our clients’ key financial customers, playing a key role in customer transitioning and transforming their existing cloud / on-prem infrastructure leveraging cloud-native capabilities.

1. Troubleshooting and assisting with the resolution of Terraform errors while creating or updating AWS resources such as:

- Databases (including RDS/Aurora) ii. MSK Clusters
- Messaging Queues (such as SQS and SNS) iv. API Gateways
- EC2 Instances

2. Troubleshooting and assisting with the resolution of application connectivity and integration issues to the frequently used AWS services such as:

- AWS secrets manager
- S3
- API Gateway
- RDS Databases

3. Investigating and resolving issues with applications already deployed into Kubernetes Clusters (EKS), often related to the following areas:

- Application Observability

1. Access to and successful delivery of application logs into the central ELK stack

2. Access to and successful reporting of application monitoring metrics into the New Relic subscription

- Application Accessibility

3. Access to the deployed application in the cluster

4. Access from the deployed application to other internal applications, cluster resources or external services and applications.

5. Access into or through the deployed service mesh (Istio) within the cluster.

- Application Performance
- Application Stability

4. Collaborate with the Application developers and the security team to identify and define the minimum required security access and permissions for the application to effectively function within AWS and consume AWS resources such as Queues, Databases, S3, etc.

5. Documenting common solutions to frequently occurring problems and generally contributing to improving AWS and DevOps internal documentation.

6. Provide some occasional training to developer teams in areas such as Kubernetes (in particular EKS), Terraform, DevOps tooling and most frequently used AWS services

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