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Learner Engagement / Recruiter - AEB

Status: Employed - Looking for next role
Location: Birmingham, West Midlands
Desired location: Birmingham, West Midlands
Basic salary: 27000
Exp. years: 5 years in Education & Skills
Specialisms: AEB Learner Recruitment, JCP & Client relationships, Referrals
Availability: Employed with 1 months notice

We all know that demand for Learner Engagement staff is at an all time high at the moment across all funding streams. 

Strong background across Multiple funding streams - Traineeships & Study programme, Apprenticeships, and 19+ Adult Learning. 
The AEB contracts are the preferred here, with great success establishing relationships and partners across the West Midlands so source and refer learners on to the right programmes. 

Has worked on multiple learning programmes with Warehouse, Construction, Logisitics and Motor being key. Has also worked in IT, and Business Services 
Strong Sales & Recruitment background, loves the fast pace of the recruitment side and with the competition for starts and referrals being so high, some like this candidate could make the difference 


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