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Software Engineer C - Life-saving Products

Ref #: Software Engineer C - Life-saving Products
Sheridan Halls 19/04/2021
Location: Cambridge, Cambridgeshire Not Disclosed Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
Salary: £40,000-£57,000 £
Type: Permanent
Seniority: N/A
Date: 19/04/2021
Software Engineer C - Life-saving Products

Let me paint a picture. It's 2023, the long lonely days of lockdown are a distant memory.

The sun is shining, you're chatting with your friends and family. Aren't summer barbeques the best!

"So what is it you actually do with all that clever codeymajigging you get up to?"

A bit of fire springs up inside you. You burst into life. "I save people's lives! For the past two years, the code I've written has meant that lives are literally being saved on a daily basis all around the world"

Kids everywhere think you are a super hero!

Well, this is not a pipe dream. Oh no. Far from it. This is a very real future for the person who secures this rare and incredible opportunity. Don't miss the boat!

... so what is the role?

  • Coding, primarily in C. A bit of C++ thrown in for good measure and using Python to create some applications and control software.
  • A modern approach to software with the latest in best practice. TDD, unit testing, CI/CD, code reviews, and an "agile light" setup.
  • This is life-saving stuff, so as you can imagine the documentation and standards are important. Now don't worry, we aren't saying that if the code goes wrong people will immediately die, the consequences of failure are not that extreme, but we want to make sure we save them, don't we! So we want it to work!

... what experience do I need?

  • C

... is that it? Surely some other skills would benefit?
Yes! But really, a few of these is enough, we don't expect all of them.

  • A bit of Python would be great, even if it's just scripting.
  • A smattering of C++
  • Linux, the more the better. You'll be working on Yocto Linux, but the learning curve will be a bit less steep if you've use the OS before, even if just on your PC
  • Some safety critical experience - codes, standards, ISO62304, ISO26262, or even ISO9001, and at least the ability to document your code well
  • A desire to work in a modern software environment
  • A "T-shaped skill set", or at least the desire to gain a broad understanding of a lot of different things to be able to interact well with various teams

... and what's in it for me?

Wait, you mean as well as the barbeque thing!?

  • Well, a competitive salary, we anticipate £40k - £55k DOE
  • Share options
  • Flexible working hours
  • A positive approach to remote working (it can't all be remote though, as you do need to work with the electronics at times).
  • Lots and lots of positive karma!!!

So, there you have it. A great role, an amazing company, and an even better possibility to really care about what you do.

Not sure if this is for you but you would like to find out more about this or other opportunities? Hit apply anyway and one of our team will be in contact to discuss your options. Or head over to our website, grab the phone number and give us a call. We'll be pleased to hear from you!

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