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Principal TypeScript Engineer

Ref #: DEC / BDSU
Oliver Short 22/12/2021
Location: London Not Disclosed London
Salary: £120 000 £
Type: Permanent
Sector: FinTech
Date: 22/12/2021
Principal TypeScript Engineer

“Market leading” the most loved and most often inaccurate phrase in all job role advertising. Yawn.

What about working for a business trying to create a market place where one has not previously existed? Wouldn’t that be more challenging? Surely this would throw up more interesting problems?

Ultimately wouldn’t this approach give a company the best chance of real success?

We think so and that is why we agreed to work with just such a company in their search for a number of full stack software engineers (TypeScript, Node, React). What they are trying to do is create a way for employees of tech businesses who hold equity to be able to easily liquidate some of the value trapped in the options they hold.

Consider the number of tech unicorns that have been created in the last five years. Businesses worth billions of dollars that have not had an IPO. What of the developers working there who hold equity? Paper millionaires who can’t access their wealth and who will lose it if they decide to change jobs before the company goes public. Tied to a role they have outgrown in by the hope of the fat payday there were promised when they signed up for the mission. Surely their must be a way to connect this developers with the investors who are desperate to get a slice of some of these businesses before they IPO?

What needs to be done? Well quite simply everything. There is a lot of development to be done and there are some tricky bits like compliance and the transfer of funds and almost definitely some problems that have not been solved before. Ultimately you will be lead by the customers and you will beed to be someone who is confident working with customers to understand their problems and create solutions to solve them.

Working practices: Remote friendly. Typically meet in person on a weekly basis. They are firm believers that this is the best way to build an incredible product and develop the right culture. This is balanced with their desire to hire the best engineers so they are certainly open to periods of fully remote work.

Building things that have not been built before sound like your kind of jam? Get in touch.

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