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Mid Level Java Developer - E-Commerce

Ref #: DEC / SCMP
Oliver Short 22/12/2021
Location: London Not Disclosed London
Salary: £70 000 + 10% bonus £
Type: Permanent
Sector: E-Commerce
Date: 22/12/2021
Mid Level Java Developer - E-Commerce

400 customers. Not a lot is it? As a Java developer looking for a role at scale this probably does not even tweak the needle as far as you are concerned.

But what if one of your customers was say ASOS or John Lewis? What if all of your customers had 1000's of customers? What if their customer orders created “events” in your system? Things would “scale” pretty quickly then, wouldn’t they? What if every time you added a new customer you added thousands of events to your system? What if a pandemic hit and online orders sky rocketed? What if it was Black Friday? What if was Xmas? How many events would your system need to handle? What if your system had to be available 24/7/365 even as you built new bits?

As a Java developer how would you sensibly go about dealing with some of the challenges posed above?

Probably you would implement some sort of monitoring tools to make sure you always had a clear picture of your traffic. Possibly you would create some on demand infrastructure to make sure you could scale up instantly. Likely in this day and age your infrastructure would be “serverless”. I guess you would have some rigorous testing in place to ensure new code didn’t blow up. You might write new "microservices" but only switch traffic over from the old monolith once you knew the new code could handle it.

If you are a Java developer wanting to join a team who work as a team and have these kinds of problems to solve then this could well be the role you are looking for.

Mainly you just need to be a strong back end Java developer but all of the below would be useful;

- Java 11

- AWS (Lambdas especially)

- Microservices

- DevOps mindset

- Docker

- Kubernetes

If this is you let’s talk. Don’t have a CV yet? Send me your old one. Send me a word document with a brief description of what you are doing now. Download your LinkedIn as a PDF and send me that. I don’t care how you get in touch but please do.

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