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Junior Rust Developer - IoT

Ref #: DEC / PNMB
Oliver Short 22/12/2021
Location: Remote Not Disclosed Remote
Salary: Up to £45 000 £
Type: Permanent
Seniority: Entry Level
Date: 22/12/2021
Junior Rust Developer - IoT

Transactive memory, the way that groups of people work together to solve large and complex problems. No one person can remember every aspect of the project in detail and so the team forms pockets of expertise.

You become the “go to” person for help in your area of expertise. You don’t need to remember the minutiae of every aspect of the stack you are working on, you just need to know who to ask.

I am working with a team who has had to perfect this.

Their stack is hugely varied;

- Low level device code written in (Rust) to control things like intelligent temperature sensors (IoT).
- A cloud-based platform to control the sensors and collect the data (AWS),
- A front end (Dart using Flutter) that has to work across mobile, web and physical control panels in buildings.
-Large data sets produced by temperature sensors on sprawling estates (Python and ML).

The end result – the “decarbonisation” of large heating networks. Helping all of us move towards a reduced carbon future.

Small team, big project, lofty goals and steep learning curve. An optimal environment for a razor-sharp junior software developer looking to use their intelligence and enthusiasm for the greater good.

Salary: Up to £45 000 (for the those of you with a year or two)

Working practices: Remote first - Team socials and major project events in person.

You probably have a year or two in industry but if you are graduating this year and think you could handle the learning curve in this business get in touch. I placed their last hire and we can figure out together if you would do well in the first-round call with their CTO.

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