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  • Josh McLean

    Who am I?

    Hey, I’m Josh and I focus on working with businesses and candidates who utilise the JavaScript Stack of software development; whether this be Web or Application based primarily focussed on Open Source technologies. The types of roles I typically must fill cover a wide spectrum from entry level developers to technical leads (front end, full stack, server side & back end) through to senior management and board level. My aim is to become the go to guy for JavaScript in the North of the UK, building a community of trusted, skilled and collaborative techys to really help drive the growth of the Northern Tech Community.

    I have close to 6 years’ experience recruiting into the tech industry mainly within JavaScript in both the South and the North of the UK. Having placed contractors and permanent candidates I am used to the fast pace of client requirements for project delivery but also understand process and the importance of team fit when taking on someone full time which I feel is a nice balance. I like to take the time to build relationships with my contacts so I can fully understand their requirement, whether it be the type of role they are looking for or the position they are trying to fill. Genuinely I have an interest in technology and where the industry is going so, I enjoy going to tech meet ups, speaking with people and have a history of running tech orientated events.

    Why choose Xpertise Recruitment?

    Xpertise Recruitment provide hard to find IT / Tech talent across the UK. We help candidates achieve their career ambitions, and provide advice, coaching and training to those who need support. We believe we offer something different from other agencies, bringing the human touch into recruitment by concentrating on building lasting relationships with candidates and clients, rather than making a quick sale. Our goal is to ‘disrupt by caring’.

Job Opportunities

  • Chief Engineer

    Manchester, Greater Manchester


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  • Remote Front End Developer w/ React.js


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