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Digital & IT Apprenticeship Coaches

Ref #: DigIT123
Adam Spoors 06/10/2021
Salary: £30,000 - £50,000 £
Type: Permanent
Seniority: Associate
Specialisms: Digital Marketing, IT Solution, Infrastructure & Networking, Data Analytics
Date: 06/10/2021
Digital & IT Apprenticeship Coaches

The IT & Digital side of Apprenticeships seems to have blown up again. You Trainers, Coaches, mentors (insert all other job titles) have been in such demand for a while now -albeit we saw this dip during the pandemic for obvious reasons.

In the last 3 weeks though, we have seen demand for Apprenticeship Trainers and Coaches absolutely sky rocket. To the point we are turning down business, if whereby the provider is not offering a good enough package, working conditions, or just generally don't have a sound offering. We are working with some of the leading names in the market, along with a whole array of the smaller/Niche providers in the tech space. So whether you want to part of one of the beasts, or jump on a ride with one of the growign businesses in our market, we will have something for you.

With the extensive growth in this side of the market, as more and more employers look to hire/upskill through Apprenticeship in order to close the digital skills gaps in their businesses, I see this maintaining for a while.

So, if you want to find out through us, what providers are at the top of the tree in:
- Who's paying the best salaries?
- Which provider has the best working conditions?
- Who has the best programmes, or....
- who needs their programmes improving (i know this can be an attractive opportunity for someone.
- What provider is working with the best employers?
- is your caseload size too excessive compared to others, perhaps you're wanting a more manageable caseload?

Whether it's one of these, or a mixture of them, you need to be speaking with New World Recruitment who can give you an impartial insight to what the Digital & Tech ITP world can offer you.

The high demand roles right now (all remote/or across the UK) are:
- Digital Marketing & JCP Coaches
- Data Coaches & Trainers (most willing to look outside of education to hire in)
- IT Technical & networking Coaches

and I'm expecting Software/DevOps and Cyber all to be at a similar level soon.

Reach out in any way you like, my details are below

Mobile - 07393 928692
Email -
LinkedIn -

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